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DSD 4121 PVR Ready Activation

Due to the End of Life (EOL) of the 4121 product range more than 4 years ago, the activation service has been taken offline. You can still activate your 4121 PVR if required by contacting UEC customer support via phone or email.

Contact UEC Support

Authorised UEC Service Agents

UEC Master Distributor NAS Australia has been appointed the service agent for in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair and support.

Contact Support: (07) 3015 8790

Open between:
7:30am ~ 12:00pm & 1:00pm ~ 4:00pm
Monday to Friday.

Service email enquiries:

Contact VAST

Register or Rehit your Smart Card to Access VAST Services

Contact MySatTV to register your smartcard to gain access to free-to-air TV services. Call MySatTV or register online.

Contact VAST™ Call Center: 1300 993 376

Visit MySatTV

How do I upgrade my DSD4121 or DSD4121RV to become PVR ready?

The DSD4121 PVR Ready Upgrade Kit is used to upgrade the PVR Ready functionality of the DSD4121 and the DSD4121RV. Once completed you will be able to convert your DSD4121 or DSD4121RV into a single tuner PVR by utilising an external HDD.

The upgrade kit contains a new user manual and scratch panel with unique registration code.

Online activation server has been retired.  To activate the PVR contact UEC support by phone or email (details at the top of this page) and provide your name, email, smartcard and registration code to receive back an activation key.  

Once you have received your unique 16 digit activation key you will then be able to convert your DSD4121 or DSD4121RV into a single tuner PVR by utilising an external HDD (sold separately).  We recommend the use of external HDD's that are powered by their own external power supply units.

To enter the activation code you simply need to press the PVR button on your new remote control.

Once the unique 16 digit code is entered your DSD4121 or or DSD4121RV is PVR Ready.

Register Online for VAST Services

Finding it hard to get through to the VAST Call Centre to register your VAST decoder or authorise your VAST smartcard?

Why not check your service eligibility and register your decoder on-line.  To assist you we have put together a step-by-step process document for you to follow.  A copy can be downloaded here.

Service and Support

Contact our dedicated team of support experts if you require any assistance with your UECs products.

Call us on (07) 3015 8790

Between 7:30am ~ 12:00pm & 1:00pm ~ 4:00pm Monday to Friday

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