PVR9600T High Definition Triple Tuner

The PVR9600 is a Hybrid Digital TV/IP based triple tuner personal video recorder. The PVR allows you to record up to six(6)* separate programs within 3 TV channels simultaneously and store recordings onto a 1TB hard drive. The unit also allows you access to some content from the Internet to seamlessly display onto your TV set.

Altech UEC PVR9600 FAQ's

If your Altech UEC PVR9600 is continuously rebooting then please follow the instructions below.
Unplug the power and plug the power back into the PVR9600. When the Altec/Uec screen appears please press the following sequence of 5 x buttons on your remote control as many times as you can, please note you will lose all recordings, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Yellow.

You can also install the latest firmware update here

If this does not resolve the fault you are experiencing then please download a NAS UEC repair form (here) and email it back to us with a copy of your purchase receipt. We will then generate a repair number so that you can post it to us for repair under warranty.