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AURA Auto Satellite Dish

Auto Pointing

AURA has a built in GPS which automatically finds your location to assist the automatic satellite pointing.

Easy to Use

Specifically designed with Ease-of-Use in mind, the AURA only requires the touch of a button to start scanning.

Single Cable Required

A single cable connection for both power and satellite feed means a simple, and clean installation.

UEC Aura auto-pointing, auto-skewing satellite dish system is a game-changer. No other dish in its class features a dual LNBF with power over a single coax, minimising the total number of cables. At the price-point, the Aura leaves its competitors eating dust.

The single cable system makes watching VAST TV a breeze:  just plug in and tune up.  The UEC Aura has a small installation footprint and can be mounted to a stand (for portable use) or mounted permanently to the roof of an RV.

Enjoy your shows Everywhere

Satellite Specs

Frequency Range: Ku-bandAntenna Gain: 36.67dB
GPS Interface: Built-inChannel: 52
DVB-S2 CompatibleLNB Outputs: 2
Polarization: Vertical / HorizontalElevation Range: 0° - 140°
Azimuth Range: 0° - 360°Skew Range: -90° - +90°
Mechanical Accuracy: 0.67°Survival Wind: 180km/h
Operation Temperature: -25° - +60°Operation Power: 9 - 30VDC
Storage Temperature: -25° - +80°Humidity Limit: 95% R.H
Water Ingress: IPX6Skew Control: Manual / Automatic
Satellite Coverage: Australia Wide (Reduced Coverage)
Warranty: 2 years (*3 if installed by authorised agent)


Dish Dimensions: 60cm x 65cmDish and Motor Weight: 14kg
Required Roof Area: Refer to Constraints Drawings

Stand-Alone Indoor Control Unit

With the purchase of your Aura you get the Stand-Alone Indoor Control unit which you can install underselves, in cabinets, or leave on the bench. Keep it simple, no drilling or fitting required.

Aura Control App

Control your Halo Satellite Dish from your phone with the Halo Control Apps for Apple and Android devices.

See the UEC HALO

The Halo 85cm automatic satellite dish ensures full coverage Australia wide. See if UEC's Halo is the right fit for you.

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