DSD 4921 RVFP - No longer available

Please be aware we no longer make the DSD 4921 RV FP, and it has been replaced by the DSD 5000.

If you have a DSD 4921 RV or DSD 4921 RV FP your VAST service will not change, and you can still call our service center or any questions or support.

See DSD 5000

The Best just got Better!

Our Excellence is your Peace of Mind.

The UEC DSD 4921 RV is already the most trusted “Next Generation” VAST™ Twin Tuner Satellite Set Top Box. The 4921RV was already the smallest and most versatile Dual Tuner PVR-ready VAST™ receiver.  Altech UEC was already the most trusted VAST™ certified manufacturer, with the best sales and support network. 

Now with new additional features you'll love, the best did get better.  Now, you get extra peace of mind with 3 years Australia-wide warranty.  We integrated a 7 segment display for those who navigate the channels by number.  Altech UEC now provides a TV Streaming portal that links you to the national Catch-up TV services when an internet connection is readily available.  Check out our user-friendly TV Guide that let's you see and hear what's on live while you browse through the guide.

You know you've got the best when you buy Altech UEC.  You'll know you got the best whenever you reach out to us for support.  You'll know you got the best when our hardware runs smoothly for year and years.  Who knew the best could get better?  Try for yourself and find out.  The new, 'refreshed' Altech UEC DSD 4921 RV (FP).