How do I upgrade my DSD4121 or DSD4121RV to become PVR ready?

The DSD4121 PVR Ready Upgrade Kit is used to upgrade the PVR Ready functionality of the DSD4121 and the DSD4121RV. Once completed you will be able to convert your DSD4121 or DSD4121RV into a single tuner PVR by utilising an external HDD.

The upgrade kit contains a new user manual and scratch panel with unique registration code.

To activate the PVR functionality, visit the activation page and fill in the form with the unique registration code and smart card serial number.

Once you have received your unique 16 digit activation key you will then be able to convert your DSD4121 or DSD4121RV into a single tuner PVR by utilising an external HDD (sold separately).  We recommend the use of external HDD's that are powered by their own external power supply units.

To enter the activation code you simply need to press the PVR button on your new remote control.

Once the unique 16 digit code is entered your DSD4121 or or DSD4121RV is PVR Ready.

Frequently Asked Questions DSD4121, 4121RV & 4121PVR Ready

To confirm that you have no HDMI signal please check that the HDMI lead works with another device i.e. a DVD player.

All new UEC4121RV VAST decoders are now supplied with a remote control unit (RCU) that is compliant with the 4121PVRRV.  Should you have a non-PVR model (4121RV) and push the PVR button on the RCU, the unit will ask you for a 16-digit activation code to upgrade the unit to a PVR.  You can easily deny this request by pushing the EXIT button on the RCU.


Replacement remote controls issued for DSD4121 set tops are a slightly different version.  Please refer to the below button reference guide and note that if you want to use the boxed PVR buttons at the bottom of the RCU, you will need to purchase a 4121 upgrade package.

If you get the following screen displayed on startup then the unit is not receiving signal from the satellite:

This screen indicates that the dish is not properly aligned and that the signal is weak.  It can also indicate that the dish LNB local oscillator frequency is not 10.7GHz (likely 11.3GHz).

In order to configure your alignment, or change the LNB settings, press the 'HELP' button on the remote control and the following screen will appear:

Select your approximate location, press 'OK' on the remote control unit and the following screen will appear showing you the co-ordinates to align your dish to:

Please note that the above compass bearing is aligned to true north.

Press 'OK' on the remote control unit once more to check and change the LNB setting if necessary.  The following screen will appear:

Press the number on the remote control units which corresponds to your LNB frequency (the majority of the time this is #1 - L.O. 10.7 GHz) and press 'OK'.

The following screen displaying a satellite finder will then appear:

Now you can align your satellite dish.  If the bar is yellow or red you will need to fine tune your dish alignment.  Once the bar is green, press 'OK' on your remote control unit.  The following screen will then appear:

The receiver is now searching for signal.  If 'Signal Found' is displayed at the top of the screen then the unit will begin to scan in the services and channel 800 will appear.

The smart card can now be registered and activated at

Should you have any activation issues please call VAST on 1300 993 376.

E52-32 or E50-32 No services found please rescan

This indicates that your decoder is not receiving any signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation. Please also confirm that your satellite dish is pointing to the OPTUS C1 Satellite at 156 degrees east.

NOTE: This is not an issue with your smart card.

You may need to re-point your satellite dish.  Please visit for help aligning your satellite dish. Should you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to call NAS Australia UEC Support on 07 3015 8790 or email

Your VAST DSD4121RV PVR smart card needs activation or reactivation. Please ensure you have registered your smartcard. If you have already done so please be aware that there is a 48hour processing time. You can also call 1300 993 376 for more information.

If your VAST DSD4121RV PVR has been turned off for a long time, or your decoder has lost the services due to another issue - rain fade or other loss of signal, you can re-hit your smart card on-line by visiting mysattv 

This is a common error for travellers and remote viewers who's system has already been activated and working but have not used their VAST decoder for some time. This arises due to the security information contained on the smart card expiring. There are two options to recover from this error.

  1. Leave the decoder turned on and the information on the smart card will updated to restore all of the activated services. The decoder usually recovers within a couple of hours.
  2. Reactivate the smart card by entering the smart card details here.

Displayed if an invalid smart card is inserted or if the card is incorrectly inserted. Ensure the card is inserted with the contacts towards the Set top box and on the underside. 'Clean the gold contacts on the card with Methylated spirits and then re-insert the card and press reset on the front of the satellite box. If this does not resolve the fault then your set top box will require repair at a local service agent.'

If you have previously had access to the VAST services but have either lost all the services due to an unknown fault or because your decoder was not powered up at the time of registration please visit here for decoder rehit.

The Rehit process rehits or refreshes the information on the decoder smartcard.

We recommend the use of external HDD's that are powered by their own external power supply units.

The following HDD are supported for the DSD4121RVPVR:

Samsung G3 Station:

  • 1TB External hard drive
  • 2TB "Story" External Hard drive

Seagate Expansion External Hard drive

  • 1TB External Hard drive
  • 2TB Expansion External Hard drive


  • 1TB External Hard drive


  • 1TB Drive Station

NOT Compatible

All Western Digital Drives

Access to the VAST service is controlled by the smart card which is supplied with the satellite set top box. The smart card is "married" to the set top it comes with and cannot be used with another set top.

The sheet below shows the location of the smart card for the 4121.

Should your 4121 appear 'dead' with no power, check the power lead and power socket to ensure the unit is correctly connected.

The original DSD4121 was supplied with an on board 240V power supply that connected to the mains using a standard figure 8 power lead.  Should you be unable to power up the DSD4121, it is likely that the on-board PSU will need to be replaced by a licensed repair technician.  The DSD4121RV has been designed with an external 12 Volt D.C power supply that is easily replaced.

Should you believe your LNB is not receiving voltage from the satellite receiver, you can test the output using the simple method demonstrated below.  Be careful not to short out the decoder.  Using a volt meter you should receive between 12 - 14V.    If you have no LNB voltage send the receiver back for repair.